Northern Neurology Specialties is one of the leading, boutique neurology practices in the Tri-State area. Under the direction of its founder, Jill A. Bressler, MD, we help to diagnose and treat a wide range of neurological conditions. There are more than 600 known diseases of the nervous system, including brain injury, ALS, Cerebral Palsy, brain tumors, and more.

[This is just a sampling of commonly treated conditions and is not inclusive of all neurological problems we help diagnose and treat. If you do not see your condition listed here, call our office and speak with our staff.]

Common Neurological Conditions that We Diagnose and Treat

Why You Should Choose Northern Neurology Specialties

At our neurology practice, we practice a patient-first approach and will always put your well-being as our priority. Besides the caring nature of our staff members, we have advanced medical equipment as well as the expertise to perform comprehensive diagnoses for a wide spectrum of neurological conditions. We also have developed a trustworthy network of medical professionals in sub-specialties, independent from our practice, that we often refer patients to when needed to rule out, ascertain or co-treat specific, neurological conditions. Again, your care is our top priority, is tailored to your specific needs and is why our mission statement is “delivering healthcare one patient at a time. ”

Note: The medical content on the various condition pages are general and meant for informational purposes only. They are not intended to be a treatment plan nor a diagnosis. Should you experience any of the difficulties we outline, you should speak with your primary care doctor who may refer you to a neurologist. Go to your nearest hospital if you believe you have a life threatening emergency.