Essential Tremor is a movement disorder characterized by involuntary shaking of the extremities most often the arms, hands and sometimes the head and voice.  It is often familial and needs to be differentiated from a Parkinsonian tremor.

Essential Tremor

Signs and symptoms

  • Difficulty holding objects (i.e. drinking from a cup)
  • Shaky handwriting
  • Quivering-like voice
  • Shaking of the head (titubation)


Beta blockers are first line treatment for this type of disorder.  It is important to follow-up with a neurologists for this condition to assess if it is part of a more degenerative condition such as Parkinson disease or other neurological conditions.   Anti-convulsants and possible surgical intervention may be necessary to help control this condition.

Northern Neurology Specialties, Dr. Jill Bressler – Essential Tremor Treatment

Our first step is to isolate and obtain the appropriate diagnosis, eliminating other neurodegenerative conditions by obtaining a full range of tests.  After  getting the correct diagnosis, our objective with treating essential tremor is to eliminate it altogether or reduce the condition considerably.  If your experiencing any of these symptoms, call our office at 516-364-4484 and schedule your neurological consultation with us.