Chronic pain refers to pain that lasts more than a few months. There are many reasons that could possibly cause chronic pain including trauma, nerve damage or spinal conditions. Some types of pain are incurable, however, treatment can help to relieve the pain. Some signals of pain remain active in an individual’s nervous system for months or even years and this can take on an emotional and physical toll on the individual.

Chronic Pain Treatment

Signs and symptoms

  • Persistent pain which may range from mild to severe pain
  • Feeling of soreness, stiffness or discomfort
  • Shooting or stabbing pain
  • Fatigue
  • Changes in mood
  • Weakened immune system

Note: these are just a few signs and symptoms provided for informational purposes. Do not attempt self-diagnosis based on this list.


The treatment for chronic pain depends on the severity and area of pain. Physical therapy or medication may be introduced to help an individual cope or relieve pain in the area. Pain relieving medication may be prescribed to help individual cope with the pain while some may require pain shots to relieve chronic pain. Medication may be combined with acupuncture, exercise or even relaxation techniques for maximized results.

Northern Neurology Specialties, Dr. Jill Bressler – Experts You Can Trust for Chronic Pain Treatment

Dr. Bressler helps individuals with chronic pain. Once a full diagnostic is done, we initiate a basic, pain management treatment plan that can benefit you best, taking into consideration your lifestyle needs and overall well being. When necessary, we will refer you to our network of trusted, pain management specialists for more complicated cases. Contact us today and let us assess and help meet your chronic pain needs.