Telemedicine Video Visits Introduction

Telemedicine video visits are a new type of appointment offered by Northern Neurology Specialties.  You can now join Dr. Bressler online over secure video connection for most routine appointments. Appointments can be completed in the comfort of your home on your webcam enabled device.

Maintain the same quality healthcare experience as in-person appointments. Video visits with your doctor are personalized, face-to-face interactions over secure, high definition video.

Video Visits are used for:

  • Routine follow-up care
  • Medication adjustments
  • Reviewing testing/lab results
  • Prescription refills
  • Minor urgent care
  • appointments that do not require a physical exam
  • New out-patient appointments in rural areas (meeting certain criteria)
  • Case consulting for hospitals requiring immediate neurological intervention (hospitals, click here for further instructions)

Easily join a video visit in 3 steps:

  • Call the office during office hours and request and schedule a video visit with your doctor
  • Join the appointment 10 minutes before your scheduled time and wait for the doctor wait for the doctor to begin the visit
  • Receive a confirmation email and follow the instructions to log in

Video visits with your doctor are easy and can be booked at your convenience. In most cases, video visits cost the same as in-person office visits. Choose to pay through your health insurance provider or out of pocket.

Call our office or click here to request a telemedicine appointment.

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