“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the care, patience and understanding that you have given and shown me for the past 13 years.  It had been 6 years of physical and psychological hell before I came under your care.

I was touched by your honesty and compassion during our first meeting which caused me to stay with you for all of these years.  My internist also knows and respects you and told me that I am under the best of care.

I put my compete faith in you and did as I was told.  The results are very evident today.  The chronic pain is very much under control today and also allows me to live a normal life.  I am even able to participate in the raising of my granddaughter. Thank you.”.

Mr. F.C.

“I have been your patient since my injuries. You have helped me through my hardest and most painful times of my life… your understanding of my condition and treatment has helped me recover and continue to work… my condition has greatly improved and I consider myself to be living a normal life again… mainly thanks to you Dr. Bressler… all my best to you and your staff who are professional, courteous and understanding…”

Mr. Thomas P.

“I would like to thank you for your letter of concern and (medical note) regarding housing… being a single, disabled woman, unable to work with a limited income… is a difficult lifestyle to cope with each and every day… even though I face homelessness, I have you to confide in and this means a lot to me… I want to thank you for that special care, treatment and amount of time you have given to me throughout the years… I look forward to the continued care provided to me by you and your staff.”

Ms. Linda C.

**Note: with our assistance and in this instant, housing was obtained for this individual.

From a mother with a special needs adult child…
“I have a 45 year old daughter who was always physically very, very active. A few years ago she started to drag her legs and complain of back pain. Soon she could hardly lift her body… I took her to two different neurologist… one diagnosed her with Multiple Sclerosis… the other with Fibromyalgia… not satisfied with either diagnosis, I took her to the Hospital for Joint Diseases… Finally, my husband’s spine surgeon recommended me to Dr. Bressler… Today, my daughter can now walk again with the aid of a pain or walker and she is no longer on pain medicine and is pain free… Dr. Bressler is a fine neurologist, a lovely person and a concerned and caring physician… I highly recommend her to anyone… she mended a mother’s broken heart for it gives me great joy to see my daughter now…”

With deepest gratitude Mrs. Sandra R.

“I have been coming to your office to see you for chronic pain due to my Trigeminal Neuralgia. I think that you are a wonderful and good doctor and your staff is also wonderful and very helpful… you know exactly how to treat me and I have been able to get back to work and handle everyday chores… most importantly being able to do things with my son again.”

Maria D.