Welcome to our Opioid Dependence/Tolerance (Suboxone) rehabilitation specialties practice provided by Dr. Jill A Bressler, MD of Northern Neurology Specialties.  We provide a pleasant, outpatient alternative to treat opioid addictions within a private medical office setting.  


In addition to our Opioid Dependence/Tolerance (Suboxone) treatment which will help dependence on opioid drugs and withdrawals, we will also refer you to the necessary supports needed to assist maintaining your sobriety and begin living a healthy lifestyle.

Because this is a small, private, ancillary service we provide to the community, we are selective in our acceptance of patients and require strict adherence to our protocols. Over the years, we have seen extraordinary successes with a little motivation and collaborating with other service providers as a team.

Call 516-364-4484 to schedule your appointment for Suboxone treatment or fill out the appointment request form here.