Telemedicine and Special Needs

Special needs patients can now have their routine, follow-up neurology appointments scheduled over secure, video connection. These new scheduling flexibilities together with the ability to remotely connect participants at a scheduled telemedicine appointment advances our current level of care for all involved.  Among the advantages are:

  • Keep patients in their day programs– No more missing important programs each time they need routine follow-up appointments with the doctor.
  • Streamline your organization – Organizations can redeploy resources for other meaningful programs and outings
  • Schedule appointments at home – Parents and caretakers can schedule appointments for their loved ones in their home or have the flexibility of arranging to join in their medical appointment remotely.

Although we are complementing the delivery of traditional medicine with advancing technology, our strict protocols as well as current industry standards will never compromise care. Contact our practice administrator to inquire if the person you care for qualifies for our special needs telemedicine program.