We are pleased to offer telemedicine visits to all qualified, new and existing patients.  After testing this technology and functionality with a sampling of our patients over a period of several months, we are now able to roll it out to all qualified patients here at Northern Neurology Specialties.

Video visits make it convenient for you to receive the same quality healthcare experience as in-person appointments.  Video visits are with your doctor  are personalized, face-to-face interactions over secure High Definition video.  Although we are implementing telemedicine,  we will still require periodic, face to face appointments and will schedule them in between your video appointments.

Video Visits are used for:

  • Routine follow-up care
  • Medication adjustments
  • Reviewing lab results
  • Prescription refills
  • Minor urgent care

If you wish to participate in our telemedicine program, you will need internet access,  webcam capabilities and will require you to have the following for each telemedicine visit:

1. FDA approved automated Blood Pressure Monitor (either arm or wrist) with digital readings
2. Finger Pulse Oximeter

(Both items together retail for approximately $50-90.00. check Amazon.com or any retailer).

Many insurances will cover these visits with your being liable for routine co pays  or deductibles.  If your insurance doesn’t cover these visits, you can still pay for these visits with our reasonable fee-for-service payment schedule (inquire within).

If you have an interest in telemedicine visits, contact our office and we will schedule an appointment for you and provide further  information about our program.