Doctors perform neuropsychological tests to find out how a problem, that’s tied to your brain, is affecting your normal ability to remember, reason, solve everyday problems and concentrate. When it comes to neuropsychological testing, doctors and psychologists with specialized training in this area, usually perform a series of tests.

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When is Neuropsychological Testing Needed?

Neuropsychological testing is often needed when a doctor needs to find out if a recent injury or a neurological disease may have affected your brain. For example, a concussion. Children and adults who are suspected to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) also undergo this form of testing. Epilepsy, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and etc. are some of the diseases that can affect the brain, and this is also when doctors recommend this type of testing.

The Neuropsychological Testing Procedure

There are many kinds of neuropsychological tests that can be put into action. Doctors will choose one that is most relevant to your particular symptoms, medical history and  potential diagnosis.  The most common is a simple screening test or “mini-mental exams” which are usually given at your first neurological office visit and annually after that.  If clinically indicated, computerized testing would be given, results of which efficiently collect valid and reliable brain & behavioral clinical endpoints  that provide information between brain function (central nervous system) and neurocognitive / behavioral dysfunction. If clinically indicated, formal neuropsychological testing with a neuropsychologist is done in the more severe cases of neurodegenerative disease and traumas.

Northern Neurology Specialties – Dr. Jill Bressler and Neuropsychological Testing.

Northern Neurology Specialties has many years of experience conducting neuropsychological tests for patients in the Tri-State area. We provide mini-mental screening as well as the more in-depth, common, computerized testing.  With progressive neurodegenerative disease and severe head traumas, we will refer you to our network of neuropsychologists for formal testing.  Special needs patients are also referred for screenings to our trusted providers that have specific experience with this population.

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