Also known as EDX, electrodiagnostics is a technique used to test the function of nerves and muscles. Recognized as a form of medical studies, results from each test help physicians to determine the cause of neck pain or back pain, strength loss and numbness. Some of the diagnosed conditions from such tests include muscle disease, peripheral nerve injuries and pinched nerves.

Medical Examination Electromyography

When is Electrodiagnostics Needed?

Electrodiagnostics are needed when the cause of muscle or nerve tingling, numbness, weakness and pain is not clear. The test will be ordered by medical professionals to determine how badly a nerve is being pinched in the back or neck, or the severity of a nerve injury. Because other conditions can mimic a pinched nerve in the neck or back area, electrodiagnostic will be used to help determine if other conditions are occurring as well.

The Electrodiagnostics Procedure

The medical professional in charge will place sensors over nerves in the legs and arms and then stimulate those nerves with small electric sensations. Although these sensations can be somewhat uncomfortable, it still stays within a bearable pain threshold. The goal here is to observe how slow or fast nerves are functioning.

Northern Neurology Specialties, Dr. Jill Bressler –Electrodiagnostics Testing

At Northern Neurology Specialties, we routinely conduct electrodiagnostic  tests for our patients in the Tri-State area. We do testing for our patients as well as other referring physicians, specialists  and surgeons. We make sure these tests are conducted efficiently and provide our patients with the literature explaining which tests they will be receiving and why.  Our caring technologists and staff make our patients feel comfortable before and during their test.Contact us today to learn more about electrodiagnostics testing.