My name is Anthony Caponera, Practice Operations Manager for Dr. Jill Bressler and Northern Neurology Specialties. In my capacity as consultant to medical practices, I am responsible to oversee the administrative functions of the organization, which include the delivery of medical services to our special needs community and to the parents and organizations that bring their loved ones to us for medical care. From a personal level, my responsibility and advocacy for our special needs patients goes beyond the functionaries of an administrator.

As a parent of a special needs child and one who is active in this community, my experience with parents, school teachers, support staff, many caring health professionals and care workers has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive. Parents know that caring for a loved one can be like a rollercoaster: having many, many ups, and many downs. I am pleased to bring my personal knowledge and experiences to Northern Neurology Specialties and integrate them with the challenging, administrative responsibilities which bring about the very best attention and care for our patients with intellectual disabilities.

Although the delivery of healthcare services has come a long way, we understand that many in this community can be frightened, anxious, fearful and agitated when they come in contact with physicians and the general medical establishment. We also know that many in this community attend day programs, may be employed in their local communities, enhancing their great diversity that touches our lives. Taken all this into consideration, you can expect the following from us:

  • Priority Office Visits (very little wait time unless we have an emergency)
  • In-Office/Out-side diagnostic studies with technicians and physicians experienced with the special needs population
  • Vigorous advocacy for all patients, especially our special needs community
  • After hours, patient care, direct  phone line.

We are also familiar with the special needs, guardianship process and understand the utmost importance of having this in place for your loved one. We work with your family, advocate agencies and attorney to help facilitate this process as quickly and as efficiently as possible. If you are not aware of the guardianship process, we urge you to reach out to a social worker, agency or a special needs attorney to help explain what this process means to you and to your special needs loved one. You should also visit our Disability Services page for some helpful information.

Although consistently changing , we have compiled a resource page that I encourage you to visit., we welcome any suggestions you feel that would make your visit with us more comfortable and accommodating. We also ask all that work with the special needs population reach out to us and link your organization in our resource page. You can call or send your request to: and reference “Organization” in the subject line of your email.