Many people with neurological conditions may qualify for disability benefits. Whether your disabling condition was progressive, trauma related or your love one is a special needs individual, we advocate for patients who may meet these requirements and will provide them with the necessary documentation, exams and functional assessments that aid in the governmental process of receiving benefits. Dr. Jill Bressler and Northern Neurology Specialties receive referrals from physicians, leading law firms  as well as insurance carriers.

If you suffer from a disabling neurological condition such as epilepsy, fibromyalgia, cognitive disorders, movement disorders or any other type of condition and think you are entitled to benefits, you may need to have a full evaluation and assessment from a qualified neurologist. Dr. Jill Bressler and her team at Northern Neurology Specialties is committed to supporting and assisting deserving patients in obtaining anything from reasonable accommodations to disability eligibility benefits.  If your love one has intellectual disabilities, see our special needs services page that address things we do for this population of patients.

To help all,  we have useful  information in are resources page that list some of the state and federal agencies charged with helping deserving patients with this process.

To schedule a disability assessment in Nassau County, Suffolk County or Queens, NYC, contact us today by filling out the form on the right of the page or calling 1.516.364.4484.