A Peer-to-Peer review is a medical report that is based solely on medical records and entails reviewing, incorporating and commenting on the medical records as well as any reports written by another physician. The patient does not need to be present and, in certain instances, our review and report may come from a decedent’s medical records. Peer-to-Peer reports either confirm or rebut another physician’s written conclusions and are often used to opine about (1) rendered medical services and/or (2) the medical condition of a patient or decedent. Peer reviews are mostly often used in legal proceedings where there are conflicting medical opinions.

Northern Neurology Specialties – Dr. Jill Bressler – Peer to Peer Review Reports

Northern Neurology Specialties and Dr. Bressler have authored several peer-to-peer reports for insurance carriers and litigation attorneys, ranging from simple to very complex and extensive medical reports. For more information on these services, please contact our practice manager at 516-364-4484.