At Northern Neurology Specialties, we have experience in providing expert medical testimony in cases involving personal injury, work related injury, motor vehicle accident injury, pedestrian injuries and more. Dr. Bressler ‘s testimony experience and expertise in neurology help synthesize complex, medical terminology  into clear and concise factual presentations understandable for  non-medical  personnel. in many cases, the medical expert witness testimony carries a significant bearing on how the case is settled, but do remember that it does not serve as the final statement in all cases.

Our past experiences for providing expert medical testimony includes cases ordered by insurance companies, attorneys representing plaintiffs and defendants, personal liability, work injuries, motor vehicle injuries, disability assessments, chart reviews,  as well as testimony for the level of long term care needed post-accident.

We provide unbiased and objective expert medical testimony for both the defense counsel and the plaintiff, and will prepare verbal and written reports delineating alleged and potential deviations, proximate causation, pertinent standards of care, and even rebuttal of allegations, depending on the case in question.  Through our third party vendor, we can also provide a medical animation specific to your injury and utilize this in aiding your case before a judge, arbitrator and/or jury.

If we are needed to testify in court, we will provide an unbiased critical analysis of documents, testimony and expert reports presented during the pre-trial phases as well as during the hearing. For more information, please contact our practice manager to inquire about our services and availability.